Benefit Administration Solutions

Benefit Administration Solutions

Enjoy streamlined benefit administration experience with solutions for simple process.

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Benefits Decision Support

Benefits Decision Support

Make the most out of benefits options available with our benefits decision support solutions.

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Employee Benefit administration services to help prevent annual enrollment become an annual nightmare for you

Employee Benefit administration services to help prevent annual enrollment become an annual nightmare for you.

Are you facing these challenges

  • Mistakes in paychecks
  • Issues with enrollment
  • Lack of confidence in employees
  • Nonexistent customer support

Perfect solutions for benefits administration

Take your overall benefits administration experience to the next level

Perfect solutions for benefits administration

Enterprise Solution Package

  • Our robust platform renders holistic & comprehensive employee benefits administration experience for organizations across public and private industry verticals.
  • Our benefits services are inclusive of COBRA Administration, Carrier Connectivity, Benefits Enrollment with AI, ACA Compliance & Reporting, Benefits Reconciliation or Billing Solutions & more.
  • We render easy consolidation with several leading HCM, payroll, ERP, and benefits providers’ assistance ensuring customer's information is aligned and accurate.
  • We offer white glove support, robust back office, and second to none self-service.

Corporate Solution Package

  • Our solutions offer smooth consolidation with assorted leading HCM, ERP, Payroll, and employee benefits carriers.
  • Our assistance ranges from mid-market commercial and governmental entities across all industry verticals.
  • We render efficient and seamless employee benefits administration solutions integrated with COBRA administration, financial connectivity, ACA compliance & reporting, Benefits enrollment and management, and Carrier connectivity.

A La Carte

  • Our flexible services allow easy selection and easy lining up of products that elevate the current benefits solution without substituting the underlying technology.
  • Our A La Carte is the most popular employee benefits administration solution that offers Carrier Connectivity, ACA Compliance & Reporting, COBRA Administration, and Benefits Reconciliation.
  • Our every employee benefits administration solution renders identical experience, support, compelling analytics, and extensive services to Enterprise & Corporate solution packages.
Employee Benefit administration services to help prevent annual enrollment become an annual nightmare for you

Are you facing issues with your existing employee benefits administration services?

  • Insufficient benefits administration knowledge from system representative
  • Lack of requisite ability to resolve large-scale issues!
  • Unbending system!
  • Unsteady implementation resulting in ongoing service deficiencies
  • High revenue within account teams.

Do your benefits administration right with our solutions

Advantages that you get with our employee benefits administration services

We offer high end administrative precision to help your business run benefits administration programs for desired success.

Our industry-leading solutions are rendered to assist employers ranging from small, mid-sized to large, covering 1,000 to 10,000 employees to administer complex and diverse benefits programs.

Our employee benefits administration programs are crafted to accommodate both simple & complex benefits rules while adapting to changes without staying put for time-consuming updates.

We follow industry-leading practices and implementation processes to ensure that everything is streamlined and works as per industry norms meeting business requirements.

Our employee benefits administration services are fully responsive, making it simple and convenient for employees to access benefits, compare them as well as change them whenever & wherever.

With more than a decade of experience in rendering employee benefits administration solutions, our team of analysts and executives are adroit & proficient in quick problem-solving of all levels.

Partnering with A3logics for benefits administration, you will get end-to-end support from a reliable and trusted team throughout the project - beginning from the discovery phase to ongoing maintenance.

Our benefits administration technology-integrated features & tools let employees manage their open enrollment while letting data, such as billing, reporting & reconciliation automatically feed to carriers & other benefits vendors.

Our dedicated and flexible employee benefits administration solutions have won many hearts rewarding us with numerous loyal customers and a 90% referenceability rating.


Our Client Say's

Partnering with A3logics was beneficial, which we might not have received from other vendor. With their assistance, we can easily access expert carriers and data that were somewhat missing.

Richard Johnson

Our HR are now managing and processing employee information much faster with A3logics' automated solution. Onboarding has also become much easier and accurate than before.

Danna Lee

Changing vendors for benefits administration was inconvenient for us. But with the right people besides us, everything was successfully implemented, which was missing with our old vendor.

Dan Wilson

With the new and improved COBRA Administration solution by A3logics, we have our entire process automated, cutting down the everyday manual work. It's a big relief that saves us lots of time.

John Davis

Get started with our employee benefit administration solutions

We take care of the complexities of Benefit administration making it simple for you.

Schedule a call

Schedule a call

Our benefits administration technology consultants are all ears to listen to your challenges, goals, and pain points and address them as soon as possible.

Solution demonstration

Solution demonstration

Meet and work with your future benefits administration team and get a preview of a custom solution to experience how things look like.

Partner with us

Partner with us

Get complete freedom from guidance on each step from the expert team. Our service-centric business model lets you confidently endure open enrollment every time.

What sets us apart from others in benefit administration?

What sets us apart from others in benefit administration?

We take care of the complex details in our employee benefits administration with our commitment to great service so that your focus could be on the bigger picture.

Team of experts

We have hand-picked each staff analyzing their skill, capabilities & experience to bring you the best benefits administration experience each day.

Quick TAT to save your time

Every second counts! Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure quick implementation, updates, and changes so that you can continue to perform business operations uninterruptedly.

We take care of things round the corner

Our end-to-end solutions offer simplified enrollment, controlled costs, increased engagement, a more productive workforce, adjust with changing regulations and stop errors before they occur.

Dedication to your success

Our intuitive solutions cover an entire gamut of benefits experience simplifying management & supporting your commitment to the employees' health and happiness through our service.

Employee Benefit administration services to help prevent annual enrollment become an annual nightmare for you

COBRA administration services

A3logics COBRA administration services ensure that your COBRA-eligible members get access to the entitled insurance coverage without any hassle of file exchanges with another vendor or self-administered COBRA. We also ensure that your member's COBRA data is protected, fully compliant, and delivers the accuracy you need for business scalability.

COBRA administration services

A single platform to access COBRA information, enrollment & eligibility data.

COBRA administration services

Comprehensive processing of COBRA elections, terminations, and notifications.

COBRA administration services

Effortless benefits plan enrollment from elementary to complex eligibility plans.

COBRA administration services

Real-time notification of monthly reports for accurate decisions.


If you are looking forward to better employee benefits administration than what you are getting now, schedule a call and our experts are here to help you with improved services and less stress.

ACA compliance and reporting services

A3logics' cloud-based ACA compliance solution enables you to achieve accuracy in employing complex employee groups, maintaining ACA data sources.

Custom API Integration

Real-Time Tracking

Integrate payroll, get automatic alerts for eligibility, and set unique business rules with our ACA compliance solutions.

Cloud & Intranet API Integration

Determining Eligibility

Proactive payroll data monitoring and identification of eligible employees for health care coverage & make a convincing offer.

Web-Based API Development Solutions

Finding Affordability

Perfectly evaluated affordable benefits plan that meets compliance and business needs ensuring IRS and ACA affordability standards.

Custom API Integration

Ensure Compliance

Get unlimited guides, checklists, calculators, and proactive alerts to stay compliant and avoid chances of penalties.

Cloud & Intranet API Integration

Eliminate Complexities

Prepare, generate, & direct 1094 C & 1095 C filed forms directly either to employers or to employees seamlessly.

Web-Based API Development Solutions

Automate the Process

Remove the time-consuming manual process to manage employee benefits, integrate payroll, time, and file ACA IRS forms.