Benefits administration is complex but our technology is here to make it easy for you.

We offer next-gen benefits administration solutions to match with the demands of our varied clients making benefits intuitive and simple and not a headache for you and your employees.

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Tedious is made simple when benefits administration solutions are offered by pros.

Strategic expertise and flexible employee benefits administration solutions are the most important ways to attract and retain talent requisite for business scalability. A3logics is a leader in creating cloud-based software that offers data-driven solutions for healthcare and benefits administration.

With more than a decade of experience, unparalleled domain knowledge, and commitment to excellence, A3logics makes benefits administration easier & simplified, increases workforce engagement, provides end-to-end experiences, thereby reducing the healthcare & benefits costs. We work tirelessly, driven to help customers succeed and win each day, allowing employees to manage annual enrollment, life events, and benefits needs of their dependents.

Simple, flexible, and engaging benefits administration services with powerful plans to fit your organization

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Integrating leading technology with benefits administration, you can administer and manage plans, enable quick benefits search, attract, and retain top talent by rendering the appropriate plans, saving lots of time and administrative work. We help companies with their compliances by automating ACA compliance solutions, which increase utilization and create better benefits decisions with the proven experience.

Simplified benefits administration

Whether you are getting started with your benefits strategy or looking for better ways to streamline them, A3logics' reliable benefits administration solution simplifies it all. The benefits software is integrated with robust analytical tools that connect seamlessly with your existing systems or with leading payroll, HR, and financial systems, to help you make well-informed and strategic decisions.

Strategic advisory

Quit manual data entry, leverage seamless digital platforms, and accelerate the enrollment process by letting our experts build your benefits plans, connect and manage insurance companies, leverage EDI, automate ACA regulation, and ways to send employee enrollment changes to health insurance carriers to ensure that your business is never at risk.

Scalable and powerful solutions for benefits administration by A3logics

Scalable and powerful solutions for benefits administration by A3logics

Avail our complete benefits administration solutions package that seamlessly maximizes and complements enterprise-level the value of your existing solutions.

COBRA administration

We simplify your compliance requirements ranging from state to federal regulations, reducing compliance risk and time spent on managing COBRA.

Financial connectivity

Get tools to control, manage and send benefits data, such as 401(k), 403(b), 529 data, and other plan information to relevant carriers.

Benefits management and enrollment

Our automated benefits enrollment solution with customizable integration replaces the manual process and paper forms to simplify the benefits cycle.

Carrier connectivity

Is interfacing with insurance companies a hassle for you? Our solution delivers benefits data to insurance carriers automatically for seamless connectivity.

ACA compliance

We assist your business by reducing the business risk and costs associated with the next-generation ACA compliance making it easy to meet the requirements.

Dependent eligibility audit

Our professional team, an expert in managing benefits administration, performs rigorous audits to determine whether or not dependents are eligible to receive healthcare coverage.

Benefits reconciliation

Our automated benefits reconciliation supports flexible formats allowing you to seamlessly match and compare data & send a report to the carriers or brokers for irregularities.

Payment and collections

Our benefits administration solution leverages flexible imports, smart workflows for collecting payments & remittances, track multi-level payments, and view current and historical activities.

Benefits invoicing

We help you save time spent in data manipulation, keep critical stakeholders in the loop, provide powerful insights, and automatically generate carrier bills & invoices for self-billed employers.

Leave of absence management

Our solution is integrated with auto-verify leave eligibility that supports compliance with federal & state entities while allowing employers to create custom rules to capture leaves.

New hire reporting

Our benefits administration system automatically monitors new hire events in your payroll/ HR system, generates reports, and distributes notices to federal & local state entities.

Difference made by our solutions for benefits administration

Outsource benefits administration services to A3logics and witness powerful enterprise-level solutions made with the vision to transform dreams into reality.

HR support dashboard

HR support dashboard

Get complete visibility of benefits administration solution’s backend and easily access analytics, report, and follow-up tasks.

Employee communications

Employee communications

Our benefits solutions are integrated with an easy-to-use portal that lets you deliver employee-specific messages, be it text, print, or email.

Online enrollment portal

Online enrollment portal

Our responsive web portal is easily accessible anywhere and anytime to manage your benefits enrollment and information.

Carrier integration

Carrier integration

We offer a flexible and customized solution that can seamlessly be integrated with any carrier system allowing quick data import & export.

Payroll integration

Payroll integration

Our benefits administration solution can be directly integrated with payroll systems to administer deductions across multiple payroll schedules.

Integrated decision support

Integrated decision support

We ensure that every decision you make is accurate, so our solution simplifies your benefits with plan comparisons, document libraries & more.


Our Client Say's

Changing vendors for benefits administration was inconvenient for us. But with the right people besides us, everything was successfully implemented, which was missing with our old vendor.

Dan Wilson

Why customers prefer our benefits administration solutions

We handle your entire system with a powerful and unique approach such that the benefits administration technology meets the demands of your business.

Quick Updates in hours, not weeks

Our modern & variable benefits administration system lets you make quick changes without the need to wait for multiple approvals each time.

Empower employees

Despite the level of complexity, our rule-based enrollment process helps in empowering employees by allowing them to view, learn, compare & change, and handle new benefits elections.

Right integration from the beginning

A3logics is committed to delivering seamless benefits administration integration services so you can get things right from the beginning of implementation.

Save money and invest in important things

Our benefits administration solution is flexible and customizable without the need to escalate to other teams or wait until the next release.

See our benefits administration experts in action

See our benefits administration experts in action

Outsource benefits administration solutions to A3logics and get rid of stress while saving money and time. Select the best benefits and empower your team. Our experts are here to help with powerful benefits administration solutions.

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