ACA Compliance reporting services to help ease out your burden

Our ACA compliance reporting services are here to help you get rid of the struggle of another ACA reporting season with comprehensive solutions complying with your ACA demands.

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The best solution for ACA compliance

Stay up with ACA compliance with our reporting services that help save time of your team so that they can focus on more important tasks.

Our next-generation ACA Compliance solution can be easily integrated with your payroll system, third-party HR platforms, and align with providers to reduce manual upkeep and compliance assessment holistically for making better decisions confidently.

Partnering with A3logics for ACA compliance & reporting services eases your compliance needs. Automated ACA reporting tools let you focus on employees, manage coverage, produce and populate forms for easy submissions leading to more accurate calculations.

Stay seamlessly compliant with our ACA reporting services

Stay seamlessly compliant with our ACA reporting services

  • Our ACA compliance solution files the requisite IRS tax forms accurately and timely.
  • Our services give companies the ability to plan & predict future needs by understanding the current business patterns.
  • Our fully automated solution reduces risk & liability offering complete transparency and control on ACA compliance.
  • Our ACA compliance & reporting monitors & calculates compliance both on a monthly and annually basis.
  • Get the entire ACA compliance status in one place for a unified view.

ACA compliance made easy and streamlined

Avail easy compliance with our ACA reporting services that help streamline the process with automated reporting, development monitoring and much more.

Eligibility and reporting

Our ACA solutions take care of the state requirements, generate files, determine employee eligibility based on earnings & hours, and mail 1095 & 1094 forms to the IRS.

Employer demands

We assist employers to meet requirements regarding ACA compliance & reporting, such as Marketplace form & Department of Labor Notice, Notice of Exchange, & others.

Employee knowledge

We ensure that your employees are up-to-date by sending them customized messages regarding updated benefits plans around the year.

Regulation updates

A3logics assists clients with every action they take while monitoring developments in regulations & legislation and updates in procedures.

Unified data management

Our robust system offers accuracy and updates without the need for third-party integration while easily syncing with your system to integrate ACA data.

Comprehensive ACA compliance reporting services

State reporting

Stay up-to-date and align easily with the state-based individual mandated changes with our ACA reporting services. Our solution is highly flexible to configure and quickly accommodate any state (CA, NJ, RI, and DC) that may consider action in the future.

Forms management (ACA)

We ensure that your involvement is high-level and less time-consuming. Our automated solutions create signature-ready 1094 & 1095 forms, test them, and file them with the IRS.


We ensure that you stay ahead of any changes to the law by communicating their process updates effectively. A3logics' ACA compliance team closely monitors the legislative and regulatory environment to meet all compliance needs.

Eligibility tracking

With A3logics automated ACA solutions, you can seamlessly calculate work hours, offer new benefits, update eligibility, end coverage, as well as keep track of employees meeting eligibility thresholds.

Advantages of our ACA compliance reporting services: A quick look

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Get complete visibility into your ACA data while reviewing & tracking updates and changes through an intuitive ACA compliance dashboard.

High accuracy standard

High accuracy standard

Our automated solution cleans the unnecessary and storage-consuming data every month, which helps deliver accurate ACA reporting.

Completely automated

Completely automated

No more manual monitoring or calculation of ACA compliances, our automated solution takes care of everything while sending monthly and annual reports.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools

Perform limitless compliance tests before preparing the final report with our powerful ACA reporting tools, which auto-sends 1094 & 1095 forms.


Our Client Say's

Our clients love the fact that ACA compliance can be easily managed with our HR Administration system. The knowledgeable team of A3logics' helped us to better understand ACA reporting.

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