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A3logics offer benefits enrollment services that help reduce manual processes, streamline enrollment and make critical decision making easy.

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Employee benefits enrollment made easy

Get mobile friendly, simple and efficient employee benefits enrollment solutions from A3logics to offer web-based, modern and technology driven solutions to clients.

With complete support and options to manage their health and wellness needs, employees are likely to perform better. A3logics employee enrollment and management services help employees seamlessly choose the best coverage for their needs to feel more motivated at work and value their benefits.

Our benefits enrollment solution also renders independence through self-service tools to help employees make smarter choices and easy addition of beneficiaries to accommodate their changing lifestyles.

Features of our employee benefits enrollment services

Features of our employee benefits enrollment services

Made for employers

  • Upload quick employee payroll deduction
  • Maintain a record of employee data
  • Access to employee beneficiary information anytime
  • Manage administrative changes, such as leaves of absence, retirements & terminations.

Customized for employees

  • Streamline benefits material, summary plan, brochures & more.
  • Create enrollment videos on educational benefits.
  • Double-check benefits confirmation statements.
  • Maintain benefits calculators and Section 125 plan worksheets.

Tailored system

  • Align with life status events and new hire enrollments changes around the year.
  • Get real-time data and census analysis, setup, and preload.
  • Quickly develop reports & monitor enrollment through robust administrative tools.
  • Seamlessly transfer post-enrollment data to carriers and employers.
Trusted automated benefit enrollment management solution provider: A3logics

Trusted automated benefit enrollment management solution provider: A3logics

  • Our benefits enrollment and management help simplify the benefits cycle with each step.
  • With an automated solution, communicate data to different benefit providers & TPA with just a few clicks.
  • We help minimize the time for setting up the carrier connections through smart solutions.
  • Our unlimited configuration options let employers set multiple offerings such as enrollment periods, eligibility rules, & much more.

Comprehensive ACA compliance reporting services

Pair with technology

Our dedicated team combines the latest technology to help you and your employees quickly and easily schedule online enrollments.

Benefits understanding

We encourage seamless communication and the right education to the employees for continuous engagement and to make the most of benefits.

Solutions matching your demands

We empower employees by sharing multiple enrollment methods to make informed decisions about the benefits that best suit their lifestyle.


Our Client Say's

Enrolling employees on time was never easy. With the assistance of a proactive A3logics team, we could enroll every member, including their dependents, stress-free.

Sophia Clark

See our benefits administration experts in action

See our benefits administration experts in action

Outsource benefit administration solutions to A3logics and get rid of stress while saving money and time. Select the best benefits and empower your team. Our experts are here to help with powerful benefits administration solutions.

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